Tips to make learning the guitar easier for beginners

Lualu: Tips to make learning the guitar easier for beginners

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Tips to make learning the guitar easier for beginners – The instrument for playing the guitar has of course been very popular from ancient times to the present day, from men to women, young and old. For this reason, there are so many who want to learn guitar by looking for guitar learning tips for beginners to make learning guitar easier, one of them is with chords or chords of guitar trying a collection of guitar chords and popular songs.

Guitar can be played in various musical genres ranging from pop, jazz, rock, metal to classical music, which of course the sound of guitar music is familiar to our ears.

Other than that when someone plays guitar it will look cooler. Many young men use the guitar to captivate their ideal woman by singing a song in front of her. The guitar can also warm up the mood on outings with friends or family, of course, by singing along with the guitar.

Basically, this guitar musical instrument has 6 strings or strings, from the string with the lowest position with the smallest size, to the biggest string at the highest position.

Although the guitar has 2 types namely acoustic guitar and electric guitar, they both sound similar on each of the strings. And what sets the two apart is the tuning.

Basic guitar chords are generally divided into 2 types namely ordinary basic chords and minor basic chords. The basic guitar chords that are usually played are C major, G major, A major, E major, and D major. Of each of these keys, of course, each has a different finger placement.

Easy Tips for Learning Guitar for Beginners


In learning the guitar, of course, there are several things that must first be taken into account, namely learning the guitar, of course, cannot be instantaneous, but we have to go through a long process to be able to play, which of course has to be a lot of practice and never give up.

And below are some tips for learning guitar for beginners that should be taken into account, including:

1. Search for references for learning the guitar.

We can find references for learning to play the guitar on the Internet or in songbooks. As we all know, on the Internet there are a lot of useful things which of course we need in order to learn guitar.

We can search and use chords or guitar chords from popular songs on the internet to learn guitar by practicing singing songs more. For example, in order to make it easier for us to learn the guitar, we can try to practice using rizky febian accord – indifferent.

2. Train your fingers.

When we are just learning the guitar, our hands and fingers will generally feel uncomfortable on the guitar strings when playing guitar chords which are quite difficult. In order to be able to play the guitar, we need to get used to the finger position of each guitar chord.

We also need to train the strength of the fingers, one of which is to knead any object for 5 minutes and do it repeatedly so that later the fingers are not stiff when playing the guitar.

Once we get used to the position of the fingers on the strings and frets, we can easily play songs with guitar chords even without looking at the chords.

3. Start by learning to play a song.

Start practicing the guitar by learning to play a song. Try to choose easy songs first with simple guitar chords. Keep learning the chords of a song and repeat it over and over again until you feel smooth.

The most important thing in learning the guitar is that we should practice regularly and never give up. Try to keep practicing regularly every day so that our fingers are not stiff and used to playing the guitar. Try to play songs from Rizky Febian Guitar Chord Collection to practice playing chords or guitar chords.

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