Some of the best picks of Android graphic design apps


Some of the best picks of Android graphic design apps – Some of you must be familiar with Android graphic design apps. The reason is that it is very useful for creating visual designs or drawing sketches. It doesn’t stop there, as there are also many user-friendly platforms for beginners to hone their talents or hobbies in the art of drawing.

Some of the best Android graphic design apps

Sometimes, many people are reluctant to install a drawing app on a smartphone, especially Android. This is because the platform sometimes feels heavy and fills the storage space, slowing the phone down.

To do this, here are some recommendations from wsm project for an optimal and light application of choice:

1. Canva

Love editing greetings for people like hello, good night and more? The Canva app is just what you need. who like to do that. In addition, this platform also offers many interesting models.

If you are using a paid service, you can take an exclusive graphic design. Then you can also just edit according to your preference and according to each idea and then download it to enter the gallery.

Not only that, Canva can also be required to edit CVs or CVs. Lots of attractive designs for brand and corporate promotional material, it’s a shame if they aren’t used.

2. PicsArt

Not only editing photos, apparently PicsArt can also create graphic designs, including 3D designs. Lots of cool features but presented with simple tools. As a result, he is able to put beginners at ease and quickly adapt to learning.

There are also many cool effects of this android graphic design app which can be added to your design so that the end result looks even more amazing.

In addition, currently, picsArt is also widely used to make ordinary photos or images more beautiful and artistic. Because there are tons of cool filters that can make portraits look sharper and more colorful.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are unable to install Adobe Photoshop Premiere on your phone, an Express version is available once installed. This app was launched to reach their market which is people who love design but are more interested in using Android media.

The appearance is definitely different from the PC version, it looks more simple, simple and of course practical. Here you can edit photos faster with maximum results.

Besides, users can also create cool graphic designs assisted by Adobe Photoshop styling features. If learned correctly, no one-week beginner can master it.

4. Lightroom

One app that is becoming an idol among young people is Lightroom. This platform is indeed famous for its extraordinary photo editing capabilities, ordinary images can be edited to look cool when they come into Lightroom editing. But we must first learn the means.

In fact, it’s not difficult to edit images in Lightroom because the features are simple and comprehensive. But you have to understand the formula of an effect to get the sensation you want. Just search the internet, there are already a lot of notes on this.

5. AutoCAD

Another Android graphic design application is AutoCAD. This unique platform is perfect for those of you who love to draw and create a design pattern. Later, you can save your work in the gallery in various formats, including PDF.

In autoCAD there are many great features ready to help you become a professional. It is not easy but effective enough to hone skills and creativity. It takes patience for the images to be of higher quality and have selling power.

Currently, you can simply download it from the Google Play Store. The size itself is not too big either. In this way, mobile phones with lower intermediate specifications can use it.

6. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe has always provided the best for its loyal users. This time there is a graphic design app to draw and edit the results right in one place. Later, the final result will look like an animation but will have better image sharpness.

In fact, when made to JPG, the image will still be stable in HD quality, that is, it will not break or be blurry. It can therefore be downloaded from social networks or the Internet. The excellent feature here is a layer that will make it easier for you, especially beginners, to apply their images.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of support features that can be used to get the image you want. Even the tools are provided for free, no need to pay or subscribe.

There are many other design platforms that you can use with smartphones. However, the above recommendations can be used as a reference to make it easier to choose the best Android graphic design app.

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