Blockchain in Real Estate Virtual Conference this September

Blockchain technology has recently been adopted for use by the real estate industry. This technology can potentially replace core operations such as property transactions such as purchase, sale, financing, lease and management transactions; And also become a useful tool in the manufacturing process in simplifying supply chain and logistics processes. blackrow’s blockchain in real estate … Read more

Increased risk on US greenback

The greenback or the US dollar has fallen since Friday. The greenback’s valuation declined as a result of comments from US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The US Federal Reserve chair said at a Jackson Hole symposium in July that lawmakers had given some thought to the matter and believed it was in the best … Read more

KardiaChain will enhance the benefits of social media by partnering with Blockster

The revolution of social media platforms has enabled people to connect in seconds. These platforms are more useful when one wants to know about crypto news and updates. Keeping these points in mind, KardiaChain is partnering with Blockster to keep crypto enthusiasts aware of its tricks and strategies. Blockster has so far shown commendable performance … Read more

Umbrella Network collaborates with Genesis Volatility

Known for its highly efficient, scalable and reliable oracle services dedicated to DeFi and Blockchain firms, Umbrella Networks has entered into a strategic partnership with Genesis Volatility, a renowned analytics portal for crypto options trading. With this collaboration, the Umbrella Network will be able to have seamless access to quality data related to various options … Read more