IOTA Foundation joins Gaia-X community

According to the IOTA Price Prediction report, the IOTA Foundation has decided to become part of the Gaia-X community in order to build a sovereign data exchange forum for increased privacy and security.. The two platforms will operate at the protocol level and within the Streams Framework and IOTA Identity. The two platforms seek to … Read more

Learn why AppSwap is the exciting alternative to Pancake Swap

app swap, a decentralized or non-custodial exchange (DEX) built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon, aims to provide the best trading experience. ApeSwap users are encouraged to pool liquidity on ApeSwap through yield farming to earn $BANANA, the project’s native cryptocurrency. Users of the platform, affectionately called “Apps”, are able to use their earned … Read more

RoboFi will integrate with Chainlink VRF for RoboFi games

RoboFi, a DeFi platform working towards a new era of DAO crypto staking bots that utilizes a whole new concept called Initial Bot Offering (IBO), has announced that Chainlink has a verifiable random function (IBO). VRF) is integrated on the blockchain of Binance Smart Chain. After successfully integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, the firm … Read more

Aston Villa have signed a deal with eToro to become the club’s primary sponsor.

In the latest series of its growth, Israel’s top-tier multi-asset brokerage portal eToro has entered into its second strategic collaboration with Aston Villa, one of Birmingham’s most popular Premier League clubs, as the latter’s primary sponsor. is one. With this partnership, eToro will strengthen its brand value and presence in the sports sector, making it … Read more

Blockchain in Real Estate Virtual Conference this September

Blockchain technology has recently been adopted for use by the real estate industry. This technology can potentially replace core operations such as property transactions such as purchase, sale, financing, lease and management transactions; And also become a useful tool in the manufacturing process in simplifying supply chain and logistics processes. blackrow’s blockchain in real estate … Read more