Learn why AppSwap is the exciting alternative to Pancake Swap

app swap, a decentralized or non-custodial exchange (DEX) built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon, aims to provide the best trading experience.

ApeSwap users are encouraged to pool liquidity on ApeSwap through yield farming to earn $BANANA, the project’s native cryptocurrency. Users of the platform, affectionately called “Apps”, are able to use their earned $BANANA to wager and earn various other digital tokens and access “exclusive” features.

Developed by “DeFi Apps, for DeFi Apps” this initiative has a committed team with many years of experience. The developers are also dedicated to the larger DeFi community and aim to develop ape swap jungle.

An interactive, intuitive business environment

Some of the key features include a better trading environment when compared to some of the larger DEXs such as Pancake Swap.

Through App Swap, users can access an exchange that acts as an automated market maker (AMM). It allows to exchange any combination of two crypto tokens via Binance Smart Chain.

Additionally, users can earn bananas through the yield farm, earn bananas through digital asset staking, and earn additional tokens through their pool. There is also an option to win “big” with app swap lottery.

Apes can also participate in Initial App Offerings (or IAOs) to “capture hot projects early.

Some other exciting options include becoming an “established OG” in the AppsSwap community by getting your own “non-fungible app”.

AppSwap is a valid alternative to Pancake Swap

DEXs such as ApeSwap can be considered a legitimate alternative to larger DEX platforms such as PancakeSwap as the team at ApeSwap is “continuously” and “actively” auditing to ensure that their platform is “safe and reliable” for all apps. “Staying up the platform.

While exchanges such as Pancake Swap may have adopted their own security measures, these processes may be easier to do with the help of a strong community that AppSwap has managed to establish.

The developers of the platform reported that on June 17, 2021, DeFiYield finalized its audit of ApeSwap. DeFiYield worked closely with the ApeSwap team throughout the audit process and offered one of the most detailed audit reports ever. They identified a risk that was “necessary to fix”, which they were able to resolve fairly quickly. (Note: You can access DeFiYield Audit Here.)

On March 5, 2021, BSC Gemz completed an audit of the ApeSwap protocol and platform. The audit was quite thorough and came up with some “low risk” and “easy fixes”.

On May 5, 2021, CertiK Audit completed a comprehensive audit of ApeSwap. The audit was “squeaky clean”. According to the report, “No critical vulnerabilities were found.” And none of the issues found could be exploited, as “preventive measures” were taken to ensure platform security. (Note: You can find detailed reports on these audits at Here.)

As noted by its development team, the AppSwap bug bounty program has been introduced to cover their smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). It focuses on “prevention of loss of user funds”. If a bug or vulnerability is found, you can get additional information Here On how to initiate resolution of the issue in a transparent manner.

A strong, dedicated, engaged community

It is worth noting that truly decentralized projects like AppSwap benefit from a strong and very active community. A project is sustainable only when its community members work together to connect more users and provide exciting opportunities to earn unique rewards.

ApeSwap.finance recently joined hands with Lympo, a platform initially developed on Ethereum that is building a sports-themed NFT ecosystem.

Centered around high-end NFTs created in official collaboration with world-renowned athletes and clubs around the world.

The Limpo ecosystem primarily revolves around the LMT token, which can be used for NFTs, “direct buy/mint NFTs,” and many other options.

Lympo will be using “high-end,” collectible NFTs to connect top athletes with their loyal fans in ways previously “uneducated.” Users can wager the LMT to “earn different levels of NFTs unique to each athlete”.

By using these non-fungible tokens, users can take advantage of many opportunities

To interact with your favorite athletes, such as choosing the color of their shorts during a match or even receiving a share of their winning profits from a tournament.

You can find out more about this announcement Here.

Appswap has also partnered with REVV Motorsport. REVV is now “preparing” to join the appswap jungle.

REVV Motorsport is described as a “play-to-earn” gaming and NFT ecosystem developed on Ethereum. It includes some of the “most popular performance motorsports IP in the world”.

Through REVV’s engaging games and unique DeFi experiences, users can gain “exclusive access” to unique NFTs and “play-to-earn” opportunities from some of the most notable players in the racing space.

Here’s what it means for “apps”:

  • Earn stake $GNANA $REVV — August 20th, 06:00 UTC
  • Earn Stakes $REVV/$BNB LP $BANANA — August 20th, 06:00 UTC
  • Rev Reddit AMA – Live August 24, 02:00 UTC

REVV says it aims to establish itself as a leading provider of blockchain or DLT-powered racing games and engaging experiences. Through “exclusive” partnerships with Formula 1, MotoGP and FormulaE, REVV offers a wide variety of high-quality racing games “all revolving around the use of REVV tokens.” You can learn more about this exciting announcement from ApeSwap Here.

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