IOTA Foundation joins Gaia-X community

According to the IOTA Price Prediction report, the IOTA Foundation has decided to become part of the Gaia-X community in order to build a sovereign data exchange forum for increased privacy and security.. The two platforms will operate at the protocol level and within the Streams Framework and IOTA Identity. The two platforms seek to develop open-source technologies to improve transparency, security and innovation of the platform through collaboration. The main mission of the platform is to create a federated infrastructure to host the next generation of data services across Europe.

Gaia-X is a community of Europe’s leading companies, research institutes, enterprises, public sector corporations. It seeks to enable sovereign, secure and open access to data across Europe and beyond. To ensure transparency, decentralization and sovereignty of data services, Gaia-X allows data owners to take direct control of data and enables the connection of data spaces across industry domains as well as decentralized and centralized infrastructure. With both European and non-European members, Gaia-X works along dynamic lines that include national hubs such as agriculture, energy, mobility working groups and regional focus.

Gaia-X, a community of over 500 members, enjoys the support of national authorities, including the French Ministry of Economics, the German Ministry of Economic and Energy Affairs, and more. Christoph Stranadl, Software AG’s VP of Innovation and Architecture, is pleased to have the IOTA Foundation’s membership in the Gaia-X community. Software AG is a member of Gaia-X’s CEO Group and IECO is a partner of the proposal. In Gaia-X, the IOTA Foundation will collaborate with Software AG and many other enterprises to enable the sovereign exchange of data and services and become the new wave of digital innovation and innovation in Europe and beyond.

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