CrudeOil Finance enters strategy-led partnership with Shibanova

Users are delighted to learn that CrudeOil Finance has partnered with Shibanova, one of the most well-known initiatives in the Binance Smart Chain space.

Shibanova is already working on a complete ECO system focused on Binance Smart Chain, which includes a DEX (AMM), farming system and other features. Crude Oil Finance held talks with one of the co-founders of the project and discussed the partnership extensively. This gave clarity on their collaboration, which led to a complete partnership.

Shibanova DEX and Farming Platform are now live and have just been introduced. It is a new venture similar to the Crude Oil Finance Platform. Crude Oil is known to recognize the significant potential of a platform and match its interests to invest in it. This cooperation will be beneficial for both the parties. Shibanova also has a great community. As a result, the collaboration will benefit both communities.

Crude Oil will develop a yield farming strategy for its Produce Farms as part of this partnership, which aims to optimize user income by:

  1. Users will not have to compound whatever they earn manually as the auto compounding features will optimize their earnings.
  2. Members of Shibanova Farms will receive additional crude incentives, which will increase the overall APY.

Following is the list of Crude Oil Finance’s vaults with Crazy APY for Shibanova clients:

  • Vault Nova-BUSD LP
  • Vault Nova-BNB LP
  • Vault BNB-BUSD LP
  • Vault BNB-USDT LP
  • MATIC-BNB LP . the safe
  • Cake-BnB LP Vault
  • BTCB-BNB LP Vault
  • Vault USDT-BUSD LP
  • ETH-BNB LP Vault

Now, let us discuss about the two companies involved in this collaboration:

CrudeOil is a successful next generation decentralized yield aggregation site for DEFI systems, built on BSC and audited by Techrate and Certik/RD auditors. When it comes to Shibanova, it is important to realize that the idea of ​​the project is to reward early investors by converting them into real stakeholders, who receive dividends in return for their early implementation and continued loyalty. Shibanova accomplishes this by allocating most of the swap fee proceeds (75 percent) to a regular dividend reward pot, which is distributed to each Shibanova shareholder.

The Shibanova farming platform now has a limited handful of farms, but Crude Oil Finance has developed ways to expand to all of them in the near future. Crude Oil will develop more strategies as Shibanova continues to add fields to the platform. This action will have an impact on Shibanova Farming’s operations and help them increase user profits.

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