Causes of lack of appetite in children


Causes of lack of appetite in children – Has your child ever had difficulty eating? This problem often occurs in children today.

My own child has had difficulty eating, loss of appetite, is difficult to eat, etc. Of course, I am very concerned about my child’s unmet nutrition.

It was not enough to give up persuading my child to eat a lot, I chose to consult a pediatrician. Tell me about my difficulties at that time.

In the end, I found a way to beat a kid who had a bit of an appetite to increase his appetite.

In the following, I will give some of the causes of poor appetite in children.

Why we, as parents, must first know the causes of a child’s poor appetite. For this reason, we find a way to increase the appetite of children. So that children’s nutritional needs are met.

Causes of lack of appetite in children

Here are some of the causes of poor appetite often experienced by a child and how to deal with them, including the following:

1. Eat while playing

Eating while playing is one of the factors that decrease appetite in children. Because with a fun game, a child will cause an attitude that is not appetizing to eat. This means that he will prefer to play and forget to eat, which can lead to loss of appetite.

The tips or how to overcome them are to try to discipline the children by getting used to not playing often or by applying the discipline of time.

Playing doesn’t mean it’s not allowed, but all children’s activities have a time and those who can organize and guide are us as parents.

2. Eat while watching TV

Eating while watching TV may not be the time anymore, moms. Because most of them prefer YouTube events.

If children are encouraged to eat while watching shows they enjoy, they may feel addicted to watching videos from other YouTube channels. So there will be no complacency, so the effect will reduce his appetite.

One of the most effective ways is to be firm in understanding children. Strict here does not mean that we have to be rude to a child, but we have to give consequence without hurting the child’s feelings.

The mother can tell the child with the phrase, “My son, now try to hold the cell phone first with Mother. While you have finished eating first, watch him continue.”

With the example sentence above, it will be easier for a child to understand than using hard on a child.

3. Choose the food

Children like to be picky about food, now this is also a factor that can reduce a child’s appetite. In fact, it is not the fault of the child but it is the fault of the parents who did not give all kinds of flavors. So when children get older, they will be difficult to eat.

For mothers who are still 6 months to 2 years old depending on the texture of the food. Try to give your child different tastes by recognizing food for children from 6 months to 2 years. Both fruits, vegetables and other foods. Such as sweet, sour, bitter taste, etc. which certainly does not contain any artificial flavoring ingredients.

Therefore, as parents, we need to be able to provide different kinds of flavors and textures of food from the age of 6 months so that children are not picky about food. Because if the child is able to choose the food he likes or dislikes, it is the impact as indicated in the initial paragraph of this third point.

4. The menu of dishes does not vary

Usually, a child will be bored if they eat a variety of foods. Like giving a meal with the same menu. Let’s say eating tempeh without other food.

If we do not vary our children’s food often, it will lead to a decrease in children’s appetite. Try to make a daily food menu, for example cooking spinach now, cooking hard-boiled eggs tomorrow, cooking fried fish with vegetables tomorrow, etc.

Well, by preparing these foods, of course, children will not feel bored, even their appetite increases and their nutritional needs are met properly.

5. Likes to eat junk food

Children have a habit of snacking or buying food outside the home without paying attention to its nutritional value. Well, this type of food that lacks nutrients is also called junk food.

Pedahala this habit is a factor that can cause decreased appetite in children.

Therefore, we must be able to choose and provide foods that have balanced nutrition or based on references principles of a balanced diet for children aged 6 to 9.

Therefore, we need to educate ourselves about the eating habits according to the principle of a balanced diet so that the children later do not suffer from malnutrition.

This is the article on my experience with children with poor appetites. Hope this article can be helpful. Thank you

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