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question 1: If you have ₹10,000 today, how much BTC can you buy?

Question 2If you have 1000 XRP coins, how many bitcoins can you buy?

The answers to these and many other questions (in the same lines) are often sought.

Let’s make it easy for you! To make your crypto journey easier, WazirX has launched Bitcoin & Crypto Converter.

Now you can make your match between fiat currency and crypto and check converted value with one click.

Try it here!

With Bitcoin & Crypto Converter, you can:

  • Check the value of your fiat currency if converted to your selected crypto,
  • Check the value of one crypto compared to another,
  • Use the ‘Popular Pairs’ option for quick navigation.

How to use bitcoin and crypto converter?

Phase 1: Select the fiat currency or crypto you want to convert.

Phase 2: Enter amount/count.

step 3: Select the crypto you want to know about.

step 4: Results are filled out within a fraction of a second!

We aim to help our investors and the crypto community grow. You can make a well-informed decision about your crypto investment in 3 simple steps:

  1. Check out the past performance of the crypto you want – here.
  2. Calculate Return on Investment (ROI) if you invest in crypto – here.
  3. Convert your fiat currency to crypto and check the price – here.

Happy investment!

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