BC.GAME is now the proud owner of the Curacao License

August 28, 2021 – We have great news to share with you today! BC.GAME just added another feather to their cap!

BC.GAME is now the proud owner of the much awaited Curacao license!

Curacao Interactive Licensing NV (CIL) is one of the top four most popular globally accepted casino licenses. In addition, Curaçao Interactive Licensing NV (CIL) is one of four master operators that has received a monitoring role from the Government of Curaçao. The other three are e-gaming (nv 1668/jazz), antilphone (nv 8048/jazz), and gaming nv (365/jazz).

Curacao has an excellent reputation for having a trustworthy, responsible and strict licensing protocol. Having a Curacao license means complying with all regulations and complying with all applicable regulations!

Simply put, this means that BC.GAME will have a better position with other companies and partners in the crypto gaming industry! This further reinforces the company’s belief in providing its users with absolute security and an optimal and proven gaming experience!

The Curacao License Opens Up More Significant Paths For The Crypto Gaming Platform! This further makes it possible for BC.GAME to offer its players better games, bigger rewards, highly recognized providers, easier integration of new currencies, to name a few!

For you, our dear community, this means a great gaming experience and a better and more reliable platform with a wide variety of games to choose from!

Obtaining a Curacao license helps BC.GAME gain a recognized position in the global market and significantly strengthens its position as one of the best crypto casinos! You can find parent company license Here.

As the first casino to support the Bitcoin Lightning Network, BC.GAME is determined to achieve the globally acclaimed compliance status! But all in good time because this is just the beginning!

For security, the license was uploaded Decentralized Storage Blockchain, IPFS, and Molded in One NFT Compliant with EC-721 standard prior to being transferred to BC.GAME’s ENS bcgame.eth account.

The online gambling platform’s decision to secure the CIL sub-license in IPFS before adapting the CIL sub-license as NFT demonstrates the flexibility and possibilities of the blockchain, which BC.GAME is among the first to receive!

All users, including regulators around the world, can now view the license, which is an efficiency win considering how governments have stepped up, shifting their muzzle to crypto entities.

BC.GAME would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to each of our amazing players who stood by them and inspired them to reach greater heights with each achievement!

The company further mentions, “Thank you for trusting us and providing your unwavering support to BC.GAME! We are because of you! Thank you! We aim to provide our players with the best crypto casino experience, full of big wins, fun and good times! But, as we always say, Don’t trust it, verify it.

Once again, we thank you, dear players, for constantly inspiring us to be the best!”

And to all new users, they say: “Welcome! Be part of the fastest growing crypto gaming community and experience something like no other!”

Congratulations everyone, and we wish you a wonderful winning time!🍻🍻

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