Another way to watch a free movie streaming on STB IndiHome


Another Way to Watch Free Movie Streaming on STB IndiHome – If you are an IndiHome 2P (Internet and TV) subscriber, you can easily watch movies on TV. You can watch any movie you want from the web streaming movies to your TV via IndiHome STB with a few tips that may not be known to all IndiHome subscribers.

In fact, if you have Internet and TV subscriptions, you already have the free CatchPlay movie plan by default. You can also activate iFlix to watch free movies. However, aside from the limited movies in the CatchPlay and iFlix apps, there are also some movies you have to pay for if you want to watch them.

Now, with the tip that I’m going to share, we can be more free to find and choose the movie we want to watch on our TV just like watching it on a laptop or computer.

The method is quite simple, we only need a mouse plugged into the USB port of the IndiHome STB. After the mouse is connected to the STB, a mouse icon will appear on the TV screen.

With this, we don’t need to unlock STB, no need to install apps on STB, or no need to mirror Android phone to TV.

Then make sure the WiFi connection on the STB is connected. Please check Settings> WiFi / LAN then connect to our WiFi.

After that, please select the browser app in the App section. Well with this browser we can search movies on movie streaming websites like Rebahin, Dunia21, Ganool and others like we search with laptop or computer.

After we get the movie we want, we can watch the movie in full screen to make watching the movie more fun.

Watching movies on TV is certainly more comfortable than watching them on a laptop or computer.

For more details, please watch my video on other ways to watch free movies on the following STB IndiHome.

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