5 best Android game recommendations for 2020 free for you to play


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5 best Android game recommendations for 2020 for free for you to play – Currently, the best Android games are appearing more and more with the development of smartphones that more and more support mobile games. Of course, Android games these days are being built with more and more improvements in graphics quality and with innovations that are quite appealing to gamers all over the world.

This is further supported by the presence of an Android cell phone with the ability to play games with HD quality graphics even if it is a game console.

And not only does it support Android gaming with HD quality graphics, but also more and more Android mobile phones are available at quite affordable prices. There are even cell phones with special specifications for playing games like Asus ROG Phone, Xiaomi Black Shark, Razer Phone and many more.

Best Recommended Free Android Games 2020

The emergence of high-end Android phones that truly support mobile games like playing games on a game console is also followed by the development of high graphics quality Android games.

In addition, currently Android game development is supported by Unreal Engine 4, which can allow multiple game developers to create Android games with the best graphics quality.

And not just in terms of graphics, mobile game developers can now more freely develop their creative ideas which are then adopted into the Android games they build in order to make the game even more interesting to play and provide a gaming experience. bigger and bigger. exciting.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic erupted around the world, online games such as Android games have become games that are increasingly enjoyed by gamers around the world. Especially now that there are more and more choices of the best Android games available on the Google Playstore which can be downloaded for free to be played anywhere and anytime.

Now, games have become the primary need for everyone, children and adults alike, to get rid of the feeling of suffocation in the midst of a pandemic where everything is done at home like work, school and the like.

Among the many Android games provided for free on the playstore, here are the 5 best Android games 2020 which are free, fun and should be downloaded and played on your mobile phone. Of course, these games have the best graphics quality which will give you the experience of playing exciting and tense cell phone games just like playing games on a console.

1. Genshin impact

This Genshin Impact game is also the best version of the Android Game 2020 from Google, which is the latest Role Playing Game (RPG) from Chinese game developer Mihoyo. This game was immediately taken over by gamers as soon as the game was released as this game has a sufficiently high graphics quality and is provided for various platforms such as Android, iOS, PS4 and PC.

In this game you will meet a cute little character who has a pair of wings named Paimon. However, it turns out that this Paimon character cannot be played, i.e. a non-playable character / NPC, and this Paimon has a duty to guide the player throughout the game.

Paimon is responsible for giving you an overview of the world of Teyvat you will enter, and the mechanics of the battle you will go through. Paimon will ask you to enter the nearest town so you can move on to the next match.

2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Game Mobile Legend: Bang Bang is the best Android game which can be played in multiplayer. Developed by Moonton, this Mobile Legend game has become one of the best mobile MOBA games which are very popular among gamers all over the world including Indonesia.

Almost everyone, children and adults alike, has played this game. This game is similar to the Dota 2 or League of Legends game which is usually played on PC, and now Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game is played on your Android phone.

Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is quite easy as it is equipped with virtual analogues, which makes it easier for you to control the hero you are playing.

In fact, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game was released in 2016, but it turns out that this game is still regular and continues to receive updates until now, so it is even more interesting to keep playing today. ‘hui.

3. Shadowgun: War Games

The developer of Madfinger Games has also been animated by creating games for the MOBA genre. Madfinger created the Shadowgun War Games game which is a first person shooter or FPS game that uses a player versus player or PvP system that can be played by 5 players against 5 other players (5v5).

This Shadowgun War Games game has just been released, so this game still needs a lot of development in terms of content, but so far the game Shadowgun: War Games has a great chance to become the best mobile phone game.

4.eFootball PES 2021 Mobile

This eFootball PES 2021 game is here to pamper football fans so that they can play football matches on their Android mobile. The eFootball PES 2021 Mobile game is presented with a visual appearance that is closer to the realistic compared to the visual appearance of its predecessor. The players shown in this game have shapes which are almost the same as the real players as in the real world.

This soccer match is also presented with a stadium atmosphere which is also similar to the original stadium which is also equipped with a loud fanfare of the supporters so that you can feel like you are in the football stadiums from the headquarters of the major clubs in the world.

5. Marvel Super War

Are you bored of playing MOBA games, like Mobile Legends or others? If so, you can try to play this Marvel Super War game which is also included as one of the best Android games 2020.

In fact, this Marvel Super War game is similar to the previous MOBA mobile game, but this game certainly uses Marvel superhero characters, such as Captain America, Deadpool, and Thor. This Marvel Super War game is definitely suitable for gamers who are also fans of Marvel movies or comics.


Well, these are the 5 best Android games for 2020 that have HD quality graphics to make you want to play games with console. How did you now find the best game for you to play on your Android phone? But of course, don’t forget to check the specs of your Android smartphone, so that you can play any games you want.

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