Cardano (ADA): Gold in disguise?

Cardano has defied all others and made a new high, reducing the April 2021 price action against the August 2021 rally. Defying expectations of a halt around $2.5, ADA hit a home run with a simple thought and a breakout pattern, which has been repeated more than three times since trending in July 2021. Leaving … Read more

Online conference to discuss the use of blockchain in real estate

Blockchain technology has influenced many mainstream industries, one of which is real estate. Technology has helped enterprises to maintain orderly records and simplify cross-border transactions. In addition, it is revolutionizing important activities such as sales, leasing, purchase and transaction management. As the technology has proven to be a game-changer, many experts speculate about its future … Read more

Waves 130% Return in Just One Month: What’s Next?

The word waves bring up the idea of ​​idyllic beaches. Well, this cryptocurrency intends to turn your blockchain experience into an enjoyable one. It is working on Web 3.0 technology for daily transaction implementation in a more secure manner. It was launched in 2016 by Russian entrepreneur Alexander Ivanov, raising $16 million through crowdfunding. Fast … Read more

IOTA Foundation joins Gaia-X community

According to the IOTA Price Prediction report, the IOTA Foundation has decided to become part of the Gaia-X community in order to build a sovereign data exchange forum for increased privacy and security.. The two platforms will operate at the protocol level and within the Streams Framework and IOTA Identity. The two platforms seek to … Read more